what is a LuckyBag?

the us navy calls a ’lucky bag’ a storage for items
found adrift

my LuckyBags are made to carry the flotsam and jetsam
of life
made to enjoy, to feel, to fill with good things, to design
individually and to use it

LuckyBags are activators
words possess energy and spread their own magic. everybody
has their own sense of recognition or way of inspiration that
pulls them forward

LuckyBags are unique
what are your words that motivate you, that do you good
that you want to carry around?
and you probably have a favourite color too

the material, silicone, is fascinating as life itself … highly
flexible but stubborn, robust but delicate at the same time
.and slightly adhesive. when used, dust and dirt can stick to it
but it can easily be cleaned now and then to restore its
beauty and excitement

when a LuckyBag isn’t carried around, you can switch on the
light and enjoy the enlightenment


is a LuckyBag not used as a bag, you just fold in the
strap and place the ’light-frame’ inside the bag. it does
not only give light but also stabilises the form, so that you
can enjoy your LuckyBag for a long time and around the

the LuckyBag is delivered with a 15 watt light bulb (as for
refrigerators). silicone is a very heat-resistant material, so
that you do not have to worry about overheating (even
when used for several hours)

A preview of several different Bags and sayings that are available in my collection.

There is hardly a limit to the color to choose from and the sayings are your "invention".


Fortune favors the brave Be aware of what you want love it leave it change it Lucky life
spread love Spunk patience

what do i want?

i want that you feel better today than yesterday and
tomorrow better than today
i want to initiate a process
i want you to start searching for your words that motivate
inspire you and give you a dynamic impulse to go forward on
your personal way
find the words that ring the bell for the good and strong
inside of you

i want to embed these words for you in your LuckyBag as a
constant companion and motivator on your way
words possess power and they unfold their strongest impact
by repetition


For further information please contact Carolyn June Gates at luckybag@gmx.de.

Developed by T. Gates,  33335 Gütersloh, Germany
Email: info@tedgates.de
last updated: 29. Oktober 2010.